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we build products to solve for problems, our ideas are crowdsourced - which means members of our community weigh in on things like formulation, shade selection, packaging & every other aspect that goes in to the production process - with the goal being to create items that you'd actually reach for in your makeup bag


beauty in the digital area is fun, exciting & we're proud to have an internet community who get it


our HQ is in pretoria, our products are sold here on the internet, we ship to all 9 provinces in south africa & we also think that you look lekker today


non stick, cushiony glossy gloss

pre order, november 15th 


makeup you'll actually end up using

know when things are happening

we won't send you 64 promotional e-mails a day, promise.

the only time we'll update you is if we're launching a new product, having a sale or have a very important meme to share.

things we get asked, a lot

  • how do I order

    ordering your products from SwiitchBeauty is pretty simple (the website is pretty, and the process is simple) just add the products you would like to your cart, hit checkout, tell us where to ship to by entering your shipping details, then make a payment using your credit card or by performing an EFT
  • are you cruelty free?

    we test on babes only
  • how do I get my crush to text me back?

    what a joke ma dahling

📰 fresh from the press

rabia ghoor is at the helm of a make-up and skin-care empire, has conquered the e-commerce market with a niche product, has her brand SwiitchBeauty on the tip of every SA make-up artist’s tongue — and she’s not even old enough to vote or drive

The Financial Mail

this 17-year-old south african is taking over the beauty scene one palette at a time. swiitch beauty specialises in skincare and makeup products, as well as some of the most innovative makeup tools. The #SlayForDaysPalette is a must-have eye-shadow palette for your makeup arsenal.


a cruelty-free, trendsetting, innovative brand for women who are tired of being told they need cosmetics to feel better about themselves, and women who want more of a say in they want in a brand. swiitchbeauty is an inclusive, affordable beauty brand that speaks with women, and not down to them, as cosmetic conglomerates have done for a long time

Entrepreneur Magazine

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print fame

over our 4 short years, swiitchbeauty has graced the pages of:

get involved

  • come shoot with us 📸

    lend us your face for our next product campaign, and we'll probably give you free makeup & brownies. send us your instagram handle, your city & a couple headshots to apply
  • join our artistry program 👋🏽

    pro-artist's get 20% off everything - ever send us a copy of your certification, ID, & a link to your Instagram to be considered
  • join our content creators program 📲

    if you're doing cool stuff in the internet beauty-space we'd like to get you on our PR list send us your social stats, instagram handle / youtube channel / media kit to be considered

things we make: